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Foreshadow is an easy-to-use Chrome extension that helps you avoid malicious traffic and stay safe online.
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Who Is it For?

Since everyone on the internet is a potential victim of cyber crime, anyone could benefit from Foreshadow. Here are three users with different privacy concerns and vulnerabilities who can all be safer online with Foreshadow.

Cybercrooks are targeting your personal devices where your most sensitive info lives.
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Hackers love to find weak spots in a company’s security, usually customer service.
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Just like a business, a family is only as safe as its least protected member.
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How It Works

Zero-Day Threat Protection

Foreshadow protects against cyber threats not yet reported. Using advanced machine learning we are able to anticipate threats before they even strike.

Premium-Level Privacy

Some apps will offer protection in exchange for your data, or they’ll monitor everything you do online, like a helicopter parent. We don’t do that. Foreshadow doesn’t spy on you, and we only keep essential data.

Foreshadow is 21 times faster 
than the blink of an eye.

Our app takes 4.3 milliseconds to analyze a malicious URL. 
The human eyelid blinks at 100 ms.

You're Not As Safe as You Think

Most people know cybercrime is a big problem, but all too common misconceptions mean that most internet users aren’t doing enough to protect themselves. 97% of people cannot identify a phishing attack.

Our Mission is simple.

We want to keep you safe online. We understand that there is always another threat just around the corner. To protect you from those threats, we remain ever-vigilant. We stand watch, so that you can relax.

Myth #1

“I’m already protected.”

No, you’re not! Antivirus software protects against viruses, not phishing or ransomware attacks. Your browser’s not looking out for you. Cloud-based file sharing, like Google Drive and Dropbox, won’t scan your files due to liability issues. A VPN hides your IP address, it doesn’t protect you from malicious links or warn you that you’re about to give your login-in details to a scammer.

Myth #2

“I’ll know a phishing attack when I see one.”

Are you sure? Scammers have become so sophisticated that even trained security professionals need to be careful. Our founder, Ryan, clicked a malicious link the other day that looked totally normal. It happens to the best of us.

Foreshadow uses advanced AI and machine learning to spot threats. AI is way better than any human at identifying the subtle differences between a real page and a scam copy.

Myth #3

“I don’t do anything sketchy online.”

Sure you don’t... But seriously, you don’t have to go to the shadiest corners of the internet to find yourself targeted by cyber crooks. The most cunning hackers use sites that look just like the ones you use every day.

Myth #4

“It won't happen to me.”

This is the big one. Nobody thinks it will happen to them. Maybe it’s wishful thinking. Maybe you don’t think of yourself as someone worth attacking… Whatever the rationale, this attitude makes you an easy target.

No matter who you are, if you have a device connected to the internet, you are a potential target for cyber crime.

For Individuals

Your personal devices are where your most sensitive info lives. Cybercrooks who want that info design twisted scams to target users like you. You can take protection into your hands by installing our free Chrome extension.

For Businesses

Hackers love to find the weakest link in a company’s defenses. Customer service is a popular target because it’s not usually seen as a security priority. But don’t wait for your company to adopt Foreshadow — Install the extension on your own and make the target a little smaller.

For Families

Just like a business, a family is only as safe as its least protected member. Sadly, that usually means children and the elderly. Grandma doesn’t have to be tech-savvy to use the Foreshadow extension. If a threat emerges, she’ll get a clear warning that she won’t miss.

Keeping you safe online. Anytime, anywhere.

Foreshadow is an easy-to-use Chrome extension that helps you stay safe online. We use powerful AI to instantly detect malware and phishing. Internet security is now as simple as clicking a button.

You can take protection into your hands by installing our
FREE Chrome extension.